Active Living Workshops and Walkability Training

Our signature technical assistance workshop is designed to inspire communities to become more walkable and livable through a combination of short-term, mid-range and long-term recommendations that we develop in collaboration with workshop participants. This workshop features our nationally recognized community engagement techniques, which typically include a walking audit, public presentation and community workshop, and action planning meetings with community stakeholders, department staff and elected officials. The active living workshop is facilitated by nationally renowned active transportation and community revitalization experts, who tailor the workshop to the specific needs of the host community. Recently we facilitated Active Living Workshops in: San Antonio and Houston, Texas; Loveland, Colorado; Eldon and Maplewood, Missouri; Wilmington, North Carolina; Garden City, Kansas; Sandy Springs and East Point, Georgia; Columbus, Indiana; and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Workshops are customized for the community's needs and budget. The most popular workshop  includes advanced planning meetings; one to two days of onsite discovery, public presentations, walking audits, and community-driven action planning; and a follow-up, illustrated report of findings and recommendations. The workshops not only help start a process of long-term, systematic change, but also often result in quick wins that prime the community for continued success. 

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