We believe that presentations should fun, engaging, lively and based on storytelling, not statistics and data charts. This can be a challenging task for any speaker, especially since walkability and livability concepts and solutions can become rather technical. We have honed our popular technique through the hundreds of public presentations and workshops we have facilitated over the years!

Our speaking and presentation style is visual, and our stories and case studies are filled with the positive steps that communities and governments have taken to create more walkable, bikeable and livable places to live, work and play. We like to focus on outcomes and the processes that local leaders have taken to achieve them, without resorting to reading boring bullet-riddled Powerpoint slides and charts with lots of complex data sets. 

We tell stories about people and the neighborhood and streetscape environments that help people prosper. We talk about challenges and the inspirational ways that people have overcome them. We feature communities similar to the ones we are speaking with, and we always make time for input from audience members, creating a dialogue with the community stakeholders who know what is needed locally and capturing their ideas for success.

For example, 

  • We gave a presentation at the International Conference on URBAN Traffic Safety to talk about walking and bicycling and how communities are increasing safety and livability.
  • We gave the keynote presentation at a Town Hall meeting in Lawrence, Kansas - "Safe Routes for All" - with over 300 people in attendance, and a lively conversation took place, followed by interviews with local media outlets.
  • We led a three-part series of webinars on walkability for the National Association of Realtors, making the case that walkability boosts real estate values and economic revitalization. We also taught realtors in attendance how to become walkability advocates in the course of their work.

Contact us to talk about how we can inspire and motivate your community at: community@walklive.org.