The Institute’s mission is to inspire, teach, connect and support communities in their efforts to improve health and well-being through better built environments.

  • We inspire by helping communities envision a better future, by sharing examples and success stories and by displaying a personal commitment to the movement.
  • We teach the benefits of walkability and livability as well as provide best practices in designing for active transportation and strategies for successful civic engagement and implementation.

  • We connect community members and leaders to important resources, engage them in the process and help them communicate with each other.

  • We support with ongoing guidance, educational materials and by celebrating successes widely.

The vision for the WALC Institute is to create healthy, connected communities that support active living and that advance opportunities for all people through walkable streets, livable cities and better built environments.

 Existing conditions in Angus, Ontario, Canada

Existing conditions in Angus, Ontario, Canada

A vision for a healthier future that better supports walking, bicycling and driving in Angus, Ontario, canada

In the top image: A boulevard connecting to the large university in Norman, Oklahoma is transformed from a space for cars to just pass through, to a place for people. Vehicle traffic still is accommodated, but the environment becomes pedestrian-scaled, better for business, and more supportive of human health and well-being.