Pop-Up Projects and Events

We believe that a short-term, temporary pop-up project or event (also known as tactical urbanism) is an ideal way to build community support for livability and walkability over the course of a few days to a week. Streetscape changes can also be put in place for up to a year to test and build community support for a built environment improvement before investing in a permanent solution (also known as an interim design). Pop-Up projects can be small or large endeavors, and typically involve volunteer stakeholders working with municipal partners, in addition to modest donations and small budgets.

This workshop is typically in two phases: 

  • Phase I: Event Planning - takes place 3 -12 months before the event. We provide resources and ongoing advice through phone or videoconference, email and file sharing. This phase may also include an onsite workshop, depending on need and budget. 
  • Phase II: Pop-Up Event - takes place the week of the event. WALC Institute representatives may arrive onsite to help facilitate the event preparation and logistics, depending on need and budget.