Safe Routes to School Workshops

Our Safe Routes to School workshops are designed to assist communities in improving safety, increasing livability, and getting kids more physically active walking and bicycling to school and in daily life, and by improving the built environment around schools. We have the nation's leading Safe Routes to School expert, Robert Ping, on staff, and nationally renowned consultants on call. We can assist communities in any and all aspects of policies, projects and programs, from the very beginning of a program to helping the most advanced programs reach higher goals and solve challenges.

The Safe Routes to School Workshop is customized to meet communities where they are: at the beginning, intermediate or advanced levels of planning. 

  • The Safe Route to School: Basics workshop provides the tools to build momentum and launch a successful program. 
  • The Safe Routes to School: Intermediate workshop will benefit a program already underway at one or more schools or community-wide that needs a boost to become more widespread and sustainable. 
  • The Safe Routes to School: Advanced workshop helps programs overcome specific challenges and become institutionalized. 

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