Hear what people are saying about us!

"WALC Institute helped us prioritize and showed our community that we needed change and that is was possible to do; we created a coalition of key stakeholders to help guide the work. We continue to receive the technical push back but continue to push forward, and not taking no as an answer. Without the help of the WALC Institute team the New Ulm community would not be as far along in helping to promote walking and biking as we are today. We have made great strides in a short period of time. We still have a long way to go, but now we have momentum and plan to continue to accomplish the recommendations contained in our WALC report. I am so glad that Mark [Fenton; WALC field partner] talked me into hiring WALC [Institute] to do a report for us rather than just having Mark come and do a community presentation and walk audit."

-New Ulm, Minnesota, Hearts Beat Back: The Heart of New Ulm Project

"Thank you for coming to Baton Rouge and providing an outstanding educational experience. The presentations during the dinner framed Complete Street concepts and challenges in a way that, I believe, created more of a sense commonality among us in terms of both aspiration and awareness of challenges. The site analysis and workshop tour focusing on the Perkins Road Overpass area the following day continued that experience in a more focused way. While political and financial challenges certainly remain, I believe that a new level of communication has been created among all the entities involved, as well as greater respect for the role that STAC [Sustainable Transportation Committee] can play. I hope that you all will come back soon, and that we can show off some great paths and places that you helped inspire."

- Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Sustainable Transportation Advisory Committee

"WALC Institute gave our community a cohesive vision and plan that we could implement. WALC was instrumental in helping us define goals and move forward collaboratively. Their expertise and guidance helped our community take on a process that seemed overwhelming on our own. WALC successfully engaged our entire community, recognizing and respecting a variety of conflicting viewpoints to put us on a path to achieve our goals."

-Eldon, Missouri, City of Eldon

"Though only here a short time, the WALC Institute helped reinforce the ideals behind our newly launched Go Healthy, Columbus (www.gohealthycolumbus.org) campaign, which has the goal of encouraging community design that promotes healthy active living for all ages. In only 1.5 days, they toured the community, met with our Safe Routes to School Task Force and our Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure Team, and gave 3 public presentations to nearly 150 people related to Safe Routes to School, Aging in Place, and Building a Community for Active Living. The wealth of knowledge and experience of the WALC Institute was very apparent as they moved from one place to another seamlessly relating local programs and projects to what has happened nationally and internationally.  Our binders are full of great ideas that we are looking forward to implementing over the next several years!"

-Columbus, Indiana, 2015, Reach Healthy Communities

"I think it was a wonderful effort that provided information and solutions to an ever growing issue in Houston. The [WALC Institute's] report is the perfect tool for organizing in the Alief community."

-Houston, Texas, Alief neighborhood, AARP Texas