Modeled after our popular Active Living Workshop, the WALC Academy brings leaders from multiple communities together to examine the benefits of walkability and livability, experience the built environment as a pedestrian, develop relationships with other leaders, and write a draft Action Plan that can catalyze livability improvements for their own community. 

The WALC Academy features inspiring success stories from similar communities, training on the benefits and best practices in livability, and “train-the-trainer” lessons on how to authentically engage local community stakeholders and how to facilitate an Active Living Workshop.

This intensive two to three day, multi-community workshop is designed for all types of local stakeholders, such as community members and organizations, municipal staff, elected officials, business owners and developers. These livability leaders gather at a workshop host site, where they learn and network with other participants over the course of the WALC Academy. The workshop is most cost-efficient and effective when involving 15 to 60 people from communities within a 150- mile radius of the host city. 

WALC Academy: Sample Schedule 

Step 1: The Fundamentals We discuss the benefits of walkability and livability, utilizing inspiring case studies and storytelling, illustrating best practices in the field, and highlighting successes in communities similar to those of the participants. 

Step 2: The Active Living Workshop During this interactive session participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice the elements of effective discovery, community engagement and action planning. This session usually includes a neighborhood walking audit. 

Step 3: The Action Plan Participants will practice writing their own draft Livability Action Plan in collaboration with facilitators and colleagues. The action plans will include goals and objectives that they can take back home and develop with local stakeholders. Each plan will include short-term or 100-Day Challenge items, mid-range or Second Wave, items that can be accomplished within one year, and long-term items or Big Wins, which normally could take more than a year to plan and implement. 

Step 4: Local Workshops and Meetings Depending on available funding and scheduling, the WALC Institute may be able to facilitate one or more local community workshops in the host or nearby communities immediately after the WALC Academy, along with additional community meetings and topic presentations. 

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