Walkable 101: The Walkability Workbook (published in conjunction with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Project for Public Spaces and AECOM)

The workbook guides community members and leaders through organizing a walkability workshop, conducting a walking audit, and documenting findings. The guide includes a facilitator's guide, presentation slides, a collection of tools, and a walking audit survey tool. (For the PowerPoint slides, please contact us.)


Walkable 101:  Town Maker's Guide Posters

These two small posters illustrate best practices in walkability and livability as they relate to site design and school siting. Contact us for high-resolution PDFs.


Inspiration to Action: Implementing Projects to Support Active Living (produced in partnership with AARP)

This implementation guide focuses on tools, case studies, key concepts, planning guides and action steps to aid the planning process. That process focuses on building groups, engaging the community, working with local governments, funding projects, and resources.  This guide also provides a step-by-step process to affect change in community health with effective infrastructure and activity in practical ways.


Walkable 101: Educational Videos (produced in partnership with Martin County, Florida)

The WALC Institute was commissioned in 2011 by the Martin County [Florida] Community Redevelopment Agency to produce three educational videos to explain the concepts and benefits of walkability and to describe two successful tools for improving community health, well-being and economic vitality through walkability. 


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