The WALC Institute helps communities transform built environments to be more walkable, bikeable and livable. The Institute provides technical assistance to municipalities, state governments, national advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, neighborhood associations, resident advocates, consulting firms and developers to help retrofit existing streets or design new places to support active living and create a sense of community.

Each technical-assistance program below is overseen and facilitated by nationally-renowned staff, consultants and field partners.
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Help! Desk

Our free ‘virtual’ advisory service is designed to answer basic technical questions and provide brief document or policy review or analysis, through teleconferences, emails and file sharing. The HELP! Desk service is subject to staff availability and is typically limited to a maximum of two hours (combined) of free service.

Development and Review of Plans, Policies, Programs and Projects

We review and analyze specific programs, policies, plans and projects in order to maximize the potential of livability elements to revitalize the community, neighborhood, intersection and/or corridor. 

Conference Presentations, Keynote Addresses and Webinars

We give fun, engaging and content-rich story-telling presentations of all types, from major keynote addresses, to panel and breakout session presentations. We also give public presentations as part of our community workshops on all aspects of livability.

Active Living Workshops

Our signature technical assistance workshop is designed to inspire communities to become more walkable and livable and is tailored to the specific needs of the host community. This engaging workshop for community stakeholders, department staff and elected officials features a walking audit, public presentation(s) and action planning, and may include a photo vision and a report of observations and recommendations. 

Safe Routes to School Workshops

Our Safe Routes to School workshops can assist communities in any and all aspects of policies, projects and programs, from the very beginning of a program to helping the most advanced programs reach higher goals and solve challenges.

Implementation Workshops

Our implementation workshop is designed to assist communities of all sizes with a specific project, program or policy challenge. Implementation workshops are customized for the particular needs of the host community, and may include design sketches, photo vision, and a report of observations and recommendations.

Pop-Up Project Workshops

Temporary demonstrations of streetscape and land use improvements can be just the catalyst a community needs to inspire positive change. The Pop-Up Project workshop is designed to help local communities to plan and implement a successful Pop-Up event or interim design. 

Rapid Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and Workshops

Assessing streetscapes, policies and plans through a health lens can help prioritize and build support for livability in your community. The WALC Institute team can conduct a Rapid or Desktop Health Impact Assessment virtually or as an interactive community workshop, or we can teach your community or leaders how to conduct an HIA. 

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The Institute team would love to hear how we can be of help to your community.  Let's talk!

In the top image: The WALC Institute's Executive Director, Robert Ping, leads a walking audit in an underserved neighborhood in Des Moines, Iowa in 2014, as part of an AARP Active Living Workshop. Active Living Workshops help community members learn new approaches to community design, see streets through a new lens, discuss as a group what is needed, and envision together a healthier future. Educational presentations, walking audits and conceptual design workshops are available to communities through the Institute's technical assistance program.